Girls Inter Counties

Junior Inter County 2018/19

Girls Under 11

Team: Sophie Townsend, Lucy Mayers, Ameerah Ismail

Team Manager: Natalie Townsend

Stage 1 – Beat Lincolnshire 3-0, lost to Yorkshire 1-2 and lost to Northumbria 0-3. Through to plate finals.

Stage 2 – Victories over Lincolnshire and Suffolk to win the plate event!

L to R: Sophie Townsend, Lucy Mayers, Ameerah Ismail

Girls Under 15

Team: Meha Shah, Madeleine Willers, Mariam Eissa, Sophie Lee, Trinity Roberton, Isobel Beynon-Cobb

Team Manager: Ginny Lee

Stage 1 – Beat Leicestershie 5-0, beat Worcestershire 5-0, beat Northumbria 5-0 and lost to Yorkshire 1-4. Through to main finals.

The Warwickshire GU15 team were represented by Meha Shah (1), Trinity Roberton (2) Sophia Lee (3), Mariam Eissa (4) Madeleine Willers (5) and Isobel Beynon-Cobb (6). The team started the day off with the most difficult match against the mighty Yorkshire. We knew it would be tough and all girls fought hard with a 4-1 loss.The star of the match was 9 year old Mariam Eissa who won against the older and more experienced Lexi Ogram (4). Isobel Beynon-Cobb played a gruelling friendly match and had a narrow 2-1 defeat against Keiko Bedford (6).

Our next match against Leicestershire was straightforward with a 5-0 win and allowed the girls to enjoy themselves against their super spirited and friendly opponents. All girls won their matches 2-0.

Next we played Northumbria, who were powerful and gave it their all, but were no match for our girls, who won all games 2-0 again. Trinity Roberton was on fire against Mia Smith and Madeleine Willers  commanded the game against Libby Foster. Another 5-0 win!

Our last and second most trying match was against Worcestershire. Meha Shah faced an unrelenting April Parry; however Meha proved much too skilled and won 2-0.  Sophia Lee ruled the game against Millie Flynn, winning 2-0. Trinity and Isobel, playing at 2 and 5 respectively, were no challenge for their opponents with both winning 2-0. The last game clinched the final win for us with our young Mariam playing against Olivia Owens. It was intense, but Mariam proved too strong for Olivia winning 2-1. Another 5-0 for Warwickshire!

A great day for our girls with great results. We can be very proud of not only their stellar performances, but their excellent sportsmanship as well! Their behaviour on and off court was top notch!!! Well done girls!!!!

L to R: Mariam Eissa, Meha Shah, Sophia Lee, Madeleine Willers, Trinity Roberton, Isobel Beynon Cobb