Girls Inter Counties

Junior Inter County 2017/18

Girls Under 11

Team: Sophie Townsend, Mariam Eissa, Ameerah Ismail, Lucy Mayers

Team Manager: Natalie Townsend


Stage 1: Lost to Worcestershire 1-2, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire withdrew. Through to stage 2.

Stage 2: Lost to Yorkshire 0-3, Worcestershire 1-2, Lancashire 0-3 and Northumbria 0-3. Into trophy weekend.

Stage 3: Lost to Worcestershire 0-3 and Hampshire 0-3.

Manager’s Report: To follow

Girls Under 13 – A

Team: Sophie Lee, Trinity Roberton, Meha Shah, Madeleine Willers

Team Manager: Ginny Lee


Stage 1 – Beat Cheshire 3-0, Beat Leicestershire 3-0, Beat Yorkshire (B) 3-0. Through to main event stage 2.

Stage 2 – Beat Cheshire 3-0, lost to Yorkshire 1 0-3. Through to finals weekend.

Stage 3 (Finals) – Beat Essex 1 and Gloucestershire to make final. Lost to  Hampshire 1-2 in the final.

Managers Report (stage 1): Warwickshire GU13 team 1 includes 3 of the top 20 players in England for Girls under 13 – Meha Shah (NR 7), Sophia Lee (NR 14) and Trinity Roberton (NR 18) – great strength in depth and a force to be reckoned with!

The girls first played Cheshire, which included Isabel Sargent (NR 17) as their number one. Meha played extremely well and in the final game faced a battle with Isabel; she dug deep and closed the game and won the match 3-0.  Sophia and Trinity won all of their games comfortably 3-0.

Next match was played against Yorkshire 2, featuring the Clayton sisters as number one and two. The mighty Trinity won 3-0 with ease. Meha then faced Anna Clayton, who battled fiercely in the first game, but was no match for the highly skilled Meha who won 3-0. Last but not least, Sophia played Esme Clayton, dominating the game from start to finish.

Cheshire were great hosts and all girls showed fantastic sportsmanship and team spirit! It was a great day with a perfect 3-0 record in every game.  So onwards and upwards to the next round where our Tough Trio will hopefully dominate again.

Girls Under 13 – B

Team: Madeleine Willers, Natalie Samir, Isobel Beynon-Cobb, Erin Friend, Katie Brown

Team  Manager: Beverley Beynon-Cobb


Stage 1 – Lost to Gloucestershire 1-2, Beat SE Wales 2-1, Wiltshire withdrew.Through to trophy stage 2.

Stage 2 – Beat Sussex 3-0 and SE Wales 3-0

Stage 3 (Trophy Finals) – Beat Suffolk 2-1 in semi final, lost to Sussex 1-2 in trophy final.

Managers Report (stage 1): Proud is the best adjective I can find to describe the way I felt about the Warwickshire 2’s performance at Inter-county on Saturday 14/10/17. I was proud of the team’s performance, conduct, sportsmanship and above all smiles. It was a tough start against Gloucestershire. However, in a display of power and great length, Erin brought home our first win 3-0. Maddie showed grit and determination to came back from 2 games down to win 3-2. Izzy and Natalie played some amazing squash against very tough, higher ranked opponents, however Gloucestershire proved too strong and they both lost 3-0.

Next up South East Wales and a dilemma for our Warwickshire ‘welshy’ Izzy. Again, Erin and Maddie were fierce and anchored Warwickshire well with 3-0 wins. Then Izzy and Natalie took to the courts. Despite significant problems with foggy goggles and an opponent she had never beaten, Izzy left the court in tears of joy, relief and exhaustion after playing superb squash to produce a 3-1 win. Then it was down to Natalie who put in an incredible performance in a long, hard game, however the Welsh girl proved too tough and Natalie lost 3-0.

Then it was time to munch pizza and chatter with the teams before an afternoon ‘mix in’ for frantic squash. It was then our ‘5th player’ made an entrance with a cheeky photo bomb, before making away with Maddie’s racket. Determined to be part of the frantic squash to win the converted chocolate prize, Geoffrey even leapt the balcony in a valiant attempt to be part of a team. Fortunately, Maddie and Izzy caught our rouge in a cuddle before he made off with the loot.

Girls Under 15

Team: Amelia Bradley, Harriet Bradley, Anya Shah, Lucia Avery, Emily Jones

Team Manager: Andrew and Liza Jones


Stage 1 – Beat Worcestershire 5-0, Beat Nottinghamshire 3-2, Leicestershire withdrew. Through to main event stage 2.

Stage 2 – Beat Nottinghamshire 3-2, lost to Yorkshire 0-5. Througn to finals weekend.

Stage 3 (Finals) – Lost to Buckinghamshire 2-3 in the semi final. Beat Surrey 3-2 in 3/4 play off.

Manager’s Report:

Girls Under 19

Team: Olivia Gow, Amy Rogers, Lucy Green, Rosire Kirsch

Team Manager: Jill Green


Stage 1 – Lost to Worcestershire 2-1, Beat Northamptonshire 3-0, Leicestershire withdrew. Through to main event stage 2.

Stage 2 – Beat Worcestershire 2-1, lost to Yorkshire 0-3. Through to finals weekend.

Stage 3 (Finals) – Beat Hampshire 3-0 in th semi final. Lost to Yorkshire 0-3 in the final.

Manager’s Report: to follow