Junior County Closed Results

A big thanks to Mo Sarwar and Coventry and North Warwickshire Sports Club who ran a superb event with some quality squash played over the weekend.

Congratulations to all of the players who took part, there were some great performances and good sportsmanship on display throughout.

Especially well done to those players who came away with some silverware.

Boys U9 Winner: Luke Johnstone Girls U9 Winner: Nadiya Ismail
Boys U9 Finalist: Andrew Glore Girls U9 Finalist: Eva Kinder
Boys U11 Winner: Samuel Cross Girls U11 Winner: Ameerah Ismail
Boys U11 Finalist: Connor Walton Girls U11 Finalist: Lucy Mayers
Boys U13 Winner: Ojas Mishra Girls U13 Winner: Ameerah Ismail
Boys U13 Finalist: Charles Hill Girls U13 Finalist: Charlotte Pickering
Boys U15 Winner: Jared Evans Girls U15 Winner: Meeha Shah
Boys U15 Finalist: Dan Parker Girls U15 Finalist: Isobel Beynon-Cobb
Boys U17 Winner: Tristan Thickett Girls U17 Winner: Anya Shah
Boys U17 Finalist: Jack Stevens Girls U17 Finalist: Emily Jones
Boys U19 Winner: Not Held Girls U19 Winner: Rosie Kirsch
Boys U19 Finalist: Not held Girls U19 Finalist: Jess Brazier