Warwickshire players lead England and Ireland to Masters glory

Warwickshire were well represented in the recent Masters Home Internationals with 4 players making the England teams and 2 players representing Ireland.

Natalie Townsend (Kenilworth) followed up on last years debut by helping the England Women’s O35 team retain their crown in Nottingham.

Andy Murray (Sutton Coldfield) completed a remarkable return from a total knee replacement to aid the England O45 Men’s team as they took the honours in Dublin.

Rachel Woolford (Solihull Arden) captained the England Women’s O50’s to victory in Cardiff

Rustom Bativala (Edgbaston Priory) represented the England Men’s O60’s as they took full points in Nottingham.

Nick and Rob Staunton (both Leamington) took Ireland to the title in the Men’s O40’s in Nottingham

Full results and reports can be found here.

England Women’s Over 35/40 Team


Left to Right:

Keeley Johnson, Rachel Calver,Louisa Dalwood, Kate Bradshaw,Natalie Townsend






England Men’s Over 45 Team

Left to Right:

Stuart Summers, Andy Murray,Nick Brown, Jonathon Gliddon,Andrew Cross, Andrew Normille





Ireland Men’s Over 40 Team

Left to Right:

John Hurley, Rob Staunton,Nick Staunton, Dara O’Flynn,Neil Murphy, Abdre Davies