U15 and U13 Champions

Season Girls – U13 Girls – U15 Boys – U13 Boys – U15
2016/17 Lucia Avery Jessica Brazier Abd-Allah Eissa Daniel Haggarty
2015/16  Charlotte Stanford Rosie Kirsch Jake Wild  Lewis Anderson
2014/15 Jessica Brazier Olivia Gow Panos Liatis Josh Owen
2013/14 Lucy Green Paige Key Lewis Anderson Josh Owen
2012/13 Olivia Gow No Event Nathan Mead Mark Richmond
2011/12 Paige Key No Event Harley Flood Harley Flood
2010/11 Paige Key Elaine Atkinson Mark Richmond Harley Flood
2009/10 Libby Corke Lucy Pallett Cameron Wilson Brian Harvey
2008/09 Alice Harvey Alicia Mead Harley Flood James Prendeville
2007/08 Alice Harvey Chloe Pearson Harry Heathcock James Prendeville
2004/05 Chloe Pearson Sarah-Jane Perry Guy Pearson Jake Grayston
2003/04 Ali Marley Sarah-Jane Perry Guy Pearson Tom Marley
2002/03 Rachel Finch Stephanie Walzak J Grayston Tom Marley
2001/02 E Verow Leoinie Holt Tom Marley Dean Alder
2000/01 E Thompson Leonie Holt J Grimshaw Dean Alder
1999/00 Started Leonie Holt Dean Alder Adam Terheege
1998/99 Leonie Holt Nick Bradley Adam Flanigan
1997/98 Emma Beddoes Adam Terheege Andy Hastings
1996/97 Emma Beddoes Adam Terheege M McDonnell
1995/96 Sarah Beddoes D Jackson Chris Hastings
1992/93 K Aulton Chris Hastings P McGovern
1991/92 K Aulton N Staunton P McGovern
1990/91 A Bishop A Vincent A Vincent
1989/90 R Eley S Clark S Clark
1988/89 R Eley S Clark P Cullinane
1987/88 Started G Brasher G Brasher
1986/87 G Wallace Clive Leach
1985/86 G Wallace Clive Leach
1984/85 G Brasher Clive Leach-
1983/84 S Clark S Darby
1982/83 S Clark R Portas
1981/82 A Vincent P Kelsey
1980/81 Started I Chaffey
1979/80 G Robinson
1978/79 A Williams
1977/78 A Betts

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