U19 and U17 Champions

SeasonGirls – U17Girls – U19Boys – U17Boys – U19
2019/20Anya ShahRosie KirschTristan ThickettNo Competition
2018/19Jessica BrazierNo CompetitionJake WildDaniel Haggarty
2017/18No CompetitionNo CompetitionHassah KhalilJosh Owen
2016/17Rosie KirschNo CompetitionLewis AndersonJosh Owen
2015/16 Olivia Gow No CompetitionJack CooperMark Richmond
2014/15No competitionLibby CorkeJack CooperMark Richmond
2013/14Libby CorkeJoanna LordJake ShufflebothamBrian Harvey
2012/13Libby CorkeLucy PallettHarley FloodBrian Harvey
2011/12Lucy PallettNo eventRoss BradleyJack McElvenney
2010/11Alicia MeadNo CompetitionJack McElveneyGuy Pearson
2009/10Lucy PallettNo CompetitionJames PrendevilleGuy Pearson
2008/09Grace TalbotSarah-Jane PerryGuy PearsonJake Grayston
2007/08Alexandra MarleySarah-Jane PerryGuy PearsonJake Grayston
2004/05K McGuffLeonie HoltTom MarleyNick Bradley
2003/04Leonie HoltCarolyn ChennellsDean AlderAdam Terheege
2002/03Leonie HoltEmma BeddoesDean AlderAdam Terheege
2001/02Emma BeddoesJemma HoltAdam TerheegeAdam Flanigan
2000/01Emma BeddoesJemma HoltAdam FlaniganAndy Hastings
1999/00Jemma HoltNo CompetitionAdam FlaniganChris Hastings
1998/99Sarah BeddoesNo CompetitionT WardSam Miller
1997/98J VellaN RandleChris HastingsA Vincent
1996/97N McDonnelC BirdSam MillerJ De’Ath
1995/96L JohnsonJ WellsA VincentJ De’Ath
1994/95Phil Cullinane
1993/94Phil Cullinane
1992/93H NorrisH NorrisA VincentN Rafferty
1991/92B EleyH NorrisR DentClive Leach
1990/91B EleyJ WallaceS MurrayClive Leach
1989/90B EleyJ WallacePhil CullinaneClive Leach
1988/89J WallaceE EleftheriouClive LeachClive Leach
1987/88E EleftheriouA GallowayClive LeachP Kelsey
1986/87A GallowayK OwenSteve RushP Kelsey
1985/86A LeachA GallowayR PortasI Chaffey
1984/85A GallowayJ WyattD RowbothamI Chaffey
1983/84A GallowayJ WyattD RowbothamR Owen
1982/83J WyattC BirdP KelseyA Williams
1981/82J WyattJ WyattG RobinsonM Robinson
1980/81L TraceyE TraceyR OwenM Robinson
1979/80L TraceyS TyrellA WilliamsM Ashton
1978/79H AmbroseA WardBettsM Ashton
1977/78S TyrellA WardM AshtonI Swarbrick
1976/77S TyrellJ AshtonM AshtonI Swarbrick
1975/76StartedJ AshtonM RowsonR Lakin-Hall
1974/75J AshtonI SwarbrickI Swarbrick
1973/74J AshtonI SwarbrickJ White
1972/73J AshtonStarted.V Young
1971/72S CogswellV Young
1970/71P HuttonM Mills

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