Inter Counties Masters

Men’s Over 35 – Premier Division

Team: Sam Miller, Marcus Hayes (C), Nick Staunton, Neil Staunton, Nigel Stephens

Warwickshire hosted the O35 Inter- County Premier league at Edgbaston Priory last weekend after an impressive season last year losing in the National semi-finals to winner Durham & Cleveland. The pool was very competitive with Durham & Cleveland, Oxfordshire and Norfolk in a very strong grouping.

Our first match was against last years winners D&C and will Oxfordshire favourites was likely to decide who finished in the top 2. . After a 3 hour plus marathon match we narrowly lost out by 3-2 matches to two, with all matches lasting at least 45 minutes and all either 3/2 or 3/1.

Unfortunately, this took the wind out of both teams sails we lost against Norfolk in a tight 4-1 result. Oxfordshire withdrew from our match on Sunday giving us full points.

Final Results: Durham and Cleveland – 41 points, Norfolk – 40 points, Warwickshire – 40 points, Oxfordshire – 19 points

Women’s Over 40

Team: Rachel Woolford, Sam Hampson, Jane Armstrong, Alison Insley, Lucy Emsden

Stage 1 – Warwickshire finished third in their group with a 4-1 win against Dorset and 4-1 loss to Hampshire.

Stage 2 – A 3-2 win against Sussex but 5-0 defeat to Surrey saw the ladies end up 2nd in the group.

Men’s Over 45 – Division 1

Team: Andy Murray, James Piddington, Jez Bishop, Dave Lea, Paul Gibbs, Graham Stanford Rich Whitwell, Liam Flood, Tony Hanington, Anthony Thornton Rob Mahon, Paul Murphy, Chris Port, Paul Greenwood

Stage 1 – The men topped the group win wins against Berkshire (3-2), Bedfordshire (5-0) and Oxfordshire (4-1)

Stage 2 – Missed out on promotion to premier division after finishing third. Narrow 3-2 defeats to Ulster and Middlesex along with a walkover against Berkshire.

Women’s Over 50

Team: Rachel Woolford, Sue Underwood, Lucy Emsden

Stage 1 – A 3-0 win against Worcestershire, walkover against Lancashire and narrow 2-1 defeat to Yorkshire saw the team finsih second in their group and just miss out on a place at the finals weekend.

Men”s Over 50 – Division 1

Team: Andy Murray, Nigel Clement, Rich Whitwell, Dave Harper, Jon Summers, Steve Wengraff, Glenn Danks, Tim Osgerby, Pete Muir, Daz Sharpe, George Webb, Colin Davies

Stage 1 – Wins against Northamptonshire (4-1), Oxforshire (5-0) and Wiltshire (4-1). A 4-1 loss to group winners Worcestershire gave us a second place finish.

Men’s Over 55 – Division 1

Team: Geoff Redfern, Geoff Sault, Mo Sarwar, Paul Chapman, Steve Coombs

Stage 1 – A 4-1 win against Shropshire but 5-0 defeat to Yorkshire and walkover defeat to Derbyshire. The men finishing third in the group and not progressing further.

Men’s Over 60 – Division 1

Team: Geoff Redfern, Geoff Sault, Paul Chapman Lou Van Talligan, Steve Ewer, Roger More, Graham Holloway

Stage 1 – 3-0 and 2-1 wins over Shropshire and Oxfordshire respectively but 2-1 loss to Derbyshire. A 2nd place finish taking them into the promotion play offs.

Stage 2 – A second place result meant just missing out on promotion to the premier division. 2-1 wins against SE Wales and Northumbria 2nds, whilst losing out 3-0 to Lancashire 2nds.

Men’s Over 65 – Premier Division

Team: Richard Lowe, Roger More, Barry Culinane, Ted Frith

Stage 1 – 3-0 wins against Oxfordshire and Worcestershire but a 3-0 loss to to Hampshire leaving the men second in the group and coming short of reaching the finals weekend.