Mens, MO35 and MO45

Season Mens Champion Mens Over 35 Mens Over 45
2018/19 Mens A: Chris Hall      Mens B: John Kamel
Nick Staunton Andy Murray
T2017/18 Mens A: Chris Hall   Mens B: Dan Haggerty Nick Staunton Andy Murray
2016/17 Mens A: Jaymie Haycocks
Mens B: Tom Perry
Neil Staunton James Piddington
2015/16 Jason Pike Pete Knowles Tony Hannington
2014/15 Chris Hall Pete Knowles Rich Whitwell
2013/14 Chris Hall James Bowden Rich Whitwell
2012/13 Jaymie Haycocks Nigel Stephens Glen Danks
2011/12 Mens A: Jaymie Haycocks
Mens B: Nick Bradley
Nigel Stephens Rich Whitwell
2010/11 Mens A: James Bowden
Mens B: Zubin Bativala
Andy Murray Rich Whitwell
2009/10 Mens A: James Bowden
Mens B: Rob Alger
Andy Murray Paul Bennett
2008/09 James Bowden Chris Dean Tim Osgerby
2007/08  James Bowden Tim Osgerby Mo Sarwar
2006/07 James Bowden Andy Murray Mo Sarwar
2005/06 Rob Staunton Andy Murray Mo Sarwar
2004/05 Phil Cullinane Andy Murray Mo Sarwar
2003/04 Gary Clarke Rob Owen Mo Sarwar
2002/03 Gary Clarke Mike Robinson Rustom Bativala
2001/02 Gary Clarke Andy Pallett Mo Sarwar
2000/01 Steve Townsend Rustom Bativala Geoff Irwin
1999/00 Darren Bradbury Rustom Bativala Alf Kavanagh
1998/99 Darren Bradbury Rustom Bativala Alf Kavanagh
1997/98 Clive Leach Rustom Bativala Geoff Redfern
1996/97 Darren Bradbury Rustom Bativala Barry Gibson
1995/96 Darren Bradbury Mo Sarwar Barry Gibson
1994/95 Darren Bradbury Rustom Bativala Barry Gibson
1993/94 Darren Bradbury Rob Shay Barry Gibson
1992/93 Rob Owen Rob Shay Barry Gibson
1990/92 Rob Owen Rob Shay Barry Gibson
1990/90 Rob Owen Rob Shay M Clatworthy
1989/90 Darren Bradbury Rob Shay D Wiseman
1988/89 Darren Bradbury Rob Shay G Wilson
1987/88 Mike Robinson J Hennessey R Need
1986/87 Cerryg Jones C Barker S Biffin
1985/86 Rob Owen S Biffin
1984/85 Cerryg Jones A Breakwell
1983/84 Rob Owen A Breakwell
1982/83 Mike Robinson A Breakwell
1981/82 I Swarbrick A Barrett
1980/81 M Peasley A Barrett
1979/80 I Swarbrick J Evans
1978/79 M Peasley W A Blake
1977/78 I Swarbrick
1976/77 M Taylor
1975/76 M Taylor
1974/75 B Patterson
1973/74 M Taylor
1972/73 R Barker
1971/72 B Patterson
1970/71 B Patterson
1969/70 A Breakwell
1968/69 A Breakwell
1967/68 D D’Arcy Hughes
1966/67 A Breakwell
1965/66 A Breakwell
1964/65 J Ramsden
1963/64 J Ramsden
1962/63 J Ramsden
1961/62 M Mohtadi
1960/61 J Ramsden
1959/60 J Ramsden
1958/59 R Powell
1957/58 R Powell
1956/58 R Powell
1955/56 M Mohtadi
1954/55 M Mohtadi
1953/54 M Mohtadi
1952/53 M Mohtadi
1951/52 M Mohtadi
1950/51 D Townsend
1949/50 D Townsend
1948/49 C Kenrick
1947/48 P Feeny
1946/47 P Feeny
1939-45 No competetion
1938/39 C Kenrick
1937/38 C Kenrick
1936/37 C Kenrick

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